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William hill betting slip explained that

Bankers will usually form the base of combinations and accumulators and they must win for the bet to be successful. Bar price - This refers to the odds of selections at the last quoted price and bigger. For example, in a large field. Blanket finish - This is a close finish involving several horses; when horses finish so close together that 'a blanket could cover them.

S from the racecourse. You can, if required, usually 'Take' this price and it will remain the price your selection finishes at, regardless of the final Starting Price. Can be subject to a Tattersalls Rule 4. Book - This is a Bookmaker's tally of amounts bet on each competitor, and odds necessary to ensure profit.

C Canadian - This is a multiple bet consisting of 26 bets 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five 4-folds and a 5-fold with 5 selections in different events also known as a "Super Yankee". Classic - This term is used to describe the five major three-year-old races of the flat season: the Guineas, the Guineas, the Derby, the Oaks and the St Leger. Of these, fillies can be entered for all five, but colts are not allowed to be entered for the Guineas or the Oaks.

Correct score - This is a bet to predict the final score in a game, and it is based on the number of goals scored by each Soccer team or the number of sets won by each Tennis player. D Dead heat - This is when two or more selections cannot be separated by the Judge, even after consulting the photo finish.

When calculating your bets, simply divide the stake by the amount of runners involved in the Dead-Heat. Decimal prices - This price system is commonly used for betting throughout Europe and Asia. This provides the simplest way of calculating your Total Return, i.

All you have to do is multiply your stake by the decimal price given. Distance is also the margin by which a horse is beaten by the horse directly in front. This can range from a Nose to 'By a distance' even more than thirty lengths. Double - This is a bet which consists of 1 bet involving 2 selections in different events.

Both must be successful to get a return. Draw - At the overnight declaration stage, all entries in a flat race are given a stall number from where they will start. Depending on the state of the going, the position of the stalls and the layout of the course, the draw may favour high, middle or low numbers at different tracks.

Stalls are not used for National Hunt racing and therefore the draw does not apply. Drift - This is where the price of one selection increases because of the lack of interest from punters. E Each-way - This is a common bet which allows you to place a stake of equal amounts on a selection to either win an event or to be placed, usually in the top three or four depending on the size of the field.

The price for the place part of the bet is usually a quarter or a fifth of the odds for an outright win. Exacta - This is a Tote bet operating in races of 3 or more declared runners in which the punter has to pick the first two to finish in the correct order. F Favourite - The favourite is the shortest priced selection in an event.

You can select the 'unnamed favourite' if you don't want to pick any horse in particular. This will be the runner with the shortest price when the race goes off. When two selections share this position they are named 'Joint-Favourites'. If you back a successful joint-favourite you need to halve your stake to calculate the returns.

If three or more share this position they are named Co-favourites. If you back a successful co-favourite you need to divide your stake by the the number of favourites to calculate your winnings. Field - To have a winning chance or the handicapper's rating number that identifies the winning chance. First goal scorer - This is a bet on who will score the first goal in a Soccer match.

First try scorer - This is a bet on who will score the first try in a Rugby match. Fixed odds - Fixed odds are prices which are not dependent on the outcome of an event. Unlike 'Spread Betting' you know how much stake you are risking.

Flag - This is a bet consisting of 23 bets a 'Yankee' plus 6 'Single Stakes About' bets in pairs on 4 selections in different events. Flat racing - Begins in March and runs through to the middle of September on turf. Races are run over a minimum distance of five furlongs and a maximum of twenty-two furlongs.

When a race is 8f or more they are shown differently on a British Racecard, for instance a 12 furlong race will be shown on the racecard as 1m 4f, a 14 furlong race will show as 1m 6f. The official Flat Racing season now runs all year round to include races run on all-weather surfaces such as at Lingfield, Kempton, Southwell, Wolverhampton and Chelmsford. Forecast - This is a horse or Dog racing bet where you have to correctly predict the order of the first two selections.

This bet can be reversed or permed. Form - The 'Form' is the history of a selection's race performance. Fractional odds give you your Profit excluding your stake, so your stake needs to be added back in to calculate your Total Return. To convert the fractional odds to decimal prices, divide the left hand figure by the right hand figure and add 1.

G Going - This is the state of the ground. The 'hard' grade is rarely used, as a racetrack with this type of surface is generally deemed to be dangerous to both horses and jockeys. In Ireland the term "yielding" is used for "good to soft" going.

Going in - This is when greyhounds are being put in to the traps or horses into the stalls. Going to post - This is when horses are on the way to the start of a race. Goliath - This is a multiple bet consisting of bets 28 doubles, 56 trebles, seventy 4-folds, fifty-six 5-folds, twenty-eight x 6-folds, eight 7-folds and an 8-fold involving 8 selections in different events.

This is used to balance two sides and remove the draw from the game. Handicap - This is a method of making a one-sided event become a more attractive for betting purposes. For example St Helens -7 to beat Bradford Bulls would mean that St Helens would have to win by more than seven points for you to win your bet. Consequently the non-handicap price of Bradford Bulls would be more attractive.

A handicap race in horse racing is a race in which horses carry different weights, allocated by the handicapper. A better horse will carry a heavier weight, to give him or her a disadvantage when racing against slower horses.

The handicapper's goal in assigning handicap weights is to enable all the horses to finish together in a dead heat. Head to head - This is where you need to select the team, or player, you believe will win the game or an event. Hedging - This is a bet made by a cautious Bookmaker on a horse on which he has accepted large bets.

This would cut his losses if the horse wins also known as a 'lay-off bet'. Heinz - This is a multiple bet consisting of 57 bets 15 doubles, 20 trebles, fifteen 4-folds, six 5-folds and a 6-fold involving 6 horses in different races. Held up - This is restraining a horse behind the other runners in the early stages of a race. I In the frame - If your selection has finished 'in the frame' this means that it has finished either first, second, third or fourth.

J Joint favourites - This is when selections cannot be split for favouritism - for example, 2 selections in the same event are the same price. L This is to bet or wager. Layer - This is a bookmaker or one who 'Lays' odds. Length - This is the length of a horse from the horse's nose to the start of its tail. Long odds - These are odds e. Long shot - This is a selection at long odds, not given as high a chance of winning as other selections.

Also known as an 'Outsider'. Lucky 15, 31, 63 - These are multiple bets on all possible combinations of 4, 5 or 6 selections. M Match bet - This is a Golf bet between two players, to predict who will get the best score in a tournament. The players may not physically play against each other in any round; this bet is based purely on their individual scores over the whole tournament i.

N The selection which is considered to be a racing 'Certainty'. Nap - This is the selection that Racing Correspondents and Tipsters nominate as their major selection of the day or meeting. Considered to be 'Nailed on'. Non-runner - This is a selection that does not take part in a race or event for which it is entered.

Not under orders - On the 'Off' of a race the flag is raised, and any runner withdrawn before the signal is deemed not to have come 'Under Starter's Orders'. Your stake on such a selection would be returned but any winning bets on the Race may be subject to a 'Rule 4' as there was insufficient time for a new market to be formed. O Objections - This is where a Jockey or Trainer objects to the conduct of a participant in a Race and an investigation is carried out; similar to a Steward's Enquiry.

Odds - This is another name for the price. The chance offered for a selection to win. Any bets on enhanced odds, free bet offers, or flash odds betting markets will not be allowed for the William Hill Cash Out option. Some betting markets are obviously not suited to the cash-out option like greyhound racing where the race is over in under a minute so any inplay betting is hard to include cashing out measures. You should use the William Hill Cash Out Option if happy to accept the cash in value amount being offered.

It is the million-dollar question of whether to deal or no deal. A bettor needs to decide between letting the bet ride to completion or cashing out before it is over. But having the chance to accept or decline at William Hill online betting app is an amazing feature to have. Can I cash out my William Hill shop bet?

You have the ability to cash out in any William Hill betting shops in the UK. Where is cash out William Hill? How do I know when I can cash out my William Hill bet? When a cashout is available on your William Hill bets you will be alerted with a notification.

Can you cash out on a free bet William Hill? There is no cash out option on a William Hill free bet. The free bet offer causes the cash-in button to be greyed out and unclickable.

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When this was shown to William Hill, the big-hearted bookmaker chose to proceed with a payout for Bob and his wife. From that betting slip, he became £ richer, and then the bookmaker . William Hill is a registered I.B.A.S bookmaker. For customers outside of Great Britain, this website is operated by William Hill Global PLC, a company registered in Malta with . Apr 20,  · The two main types are: No draw handicap match betting: The bookmaker ensures that there is a clear winner by ensuring the handicap bet gives a certain team more .