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Baseball systems for betting

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At first the correlation between James' formula and the actual winning percentage of teams was a mere experiment. But other statisticians and probability theorists whom I presume are also fans of America's Former Pastime were able to determine that the formula can give a probability for future wins. I know, I know: reading about this stuff is enough to make your eyes roll back into your head.

But this year I factored in the Pythagorean Expectations into my MLB futures bets and I'm very interested to see the results for this baseball betting system. If they are anything close to what I've observed from the last several years then I think we may have found a significant moneymaker for years to come. The summation of this formula can actually be found right on the MLB. In the league standings you have the option of viewing the "X-Wins", which is the measure of a team's Pythagorean Expectations, or their "expected wins.

The reverse is also true. If a team finished the year with 72 wins but had an X-Wins total of 79 then that club underachieved by seven wins Arbitrarily, I determined that 4. And since a total of 76 teams, out of a possible , either over- or underachieved according to our threshold.

So what I did was to group the teams that overachieved and the ones that underachieved and to compare each individual club's results the following year. However, while 4. And it makes sense because if a team overachieves one season then it's most likely going to experience a natural statistical regression and come up short the following season.

Our underachievers - teams with a -5 or below Expectation - also went the opposite way and they ended up winning more total games in 23 of the 35 occurrences over the last eight years. I started by comparing the results to the season wins totals released by Las Vegas Sports Consultants. I wanted to see how the teams that overachieved and underachieved in did against the Vegas wins totals, and I then repeated the exercise for each of the following years.

The results were eye opening. Baseball Betting Systems for Higher Baseball Profits Betting against any team that had 8 runs in their last game and won — This is a classic betting system that has been around for decades and is still popular. However, the trick to keep in mind for winning this bet is to make sure their opponent had less then 8 runs. In addition, bettors should ensure that the team is not on a winning streak of 3 or more games.

This system comes from statistics whish shows a higher probability of winning from a team that meets those criteria. Taking the Average Runs over the Last 3 games of a team — If the underdog has a 2-run advantage over the favorite, bet on them — This is a betting system with a lot of merit because it makes you put on an underdog with a good run production.

However, this is one of those wagering systems that needs more research before committing to it. Betting on a Bad Team after a Win — This is a very simple system that has been a professional baseball betting fans favorite for a long time.

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MLB betting systems are plentiful and some are even profitable. Why not, baseball is the oldest of all American sports and has the best kept records. Not much has really changed on the . Jul 22,  · Baseball Betting Systems and Strategies. Updated: July 22, Baseball betting can be one of the more rewarding sports gambling activities available. The data . Apr 01,  · Baseball Betting System: Pythagorean Expectations by Robert Ferringo - 04/01/ Pythagoras is a famous Greek philosopher (can someone name me a non .