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Best crypto market scanner

Cryptohopper provides educational resources on various crypto assets. You have to pay more to get signals. It has an investment program and partnership. It offers a wide selection of analysis instruments.

Key specs: Crypto Price alerts: Unlimited number of trading alerts on any cryptocurrency. Free trial: Try the Explorer plan for seven days. Its financial marketplace is interactive, with a wide variety of trading instruments.

The scanner search feature provides easy access to technical analyses and swing options. It offers metrics for already scanned crypto assets. You customize their scans or use the preset ones on the platform. It offers cryptocurrency trade alerts that are essential for monitoring markets. You use the Portfolio Optimizer to improve your profiles. It gives suggestions on potential return investments. Key features It has an education center where you get expert advice on scanning and trading.

You get AI algorithms to assist you in placing trades and observing market movements. Tickeron has an active community and the possibility to create sub-communities. It has an AI cryptocurrency market scanner. Access to a pattern search engine. A multi-user and multi-currency interface. You can connect your account to Stripe. Along with coins, Coinmarketcap ranks and scores exchanges based on traffic, liquidity, trading volumes, and confidence in the legitimacy of the trading volumes they report.

All in all, Coinmarketcap is a great screener where you can find info about almost every coin ever listed on an exchange that is very easy to use for beginners. However, it is not the best for experienced traders, as it does not come with advanced filters or parameters to sort coins.

Pros: Easy access to source code and whitepaper Fast refresh times Lack of advanced filtering parameters 3. Messari Messari is another crypto screening tool that is great for both newcomers and experts in the crypto space. It presents a ton of detailed information in an easy-to-read format and is jam-packed with more than one hundred advanced filters.

A small caveat about Messari is that it only has coins in its index. However, these coins are carefully selected and are the top moneymakers in the crypto market with reasonable trading volume. What makes Messari really unique is that it even lists background information about a coin, like sudden exchange deposits, inflow and outflow rates, active addresses, and so much more.

This helps you get a holistic view of the market without having to go to sites like CryptoQuant to carry out advanced market analysis. Although Messari does have a great collection of features for free users, the advanced metrics, indicators, and filters are reserved for premium users.

Pros: Wide range of data and metrics Detailed analysis about the project Organized and easy to understand UI Lists the latest news and events Cons: Not free 4. LunarCrush LunarCrush is a unique crypto screener that filters coins based on social engagements. Unlike most crypto screeners that focus on technical analysis materials like volume profiles and volatility, LunarCrush adds a twist to the formula.

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Sep 26,  · Tradytics is another useful crypto scanner that provides well-structured information about crypto market movements. This scanner allows traders to spot the biggest . Jul 20,  · Cryptolume is one of the best crypto arbitrage scanners that offers cryptocurrency educational analytical tool that gives traders instant access to metrics from many exchanges. . Cryptolume: The Best Low-Timeframe Crypto Scanner A cryptocurrency market scanner not only allows you to see faster trading opportunities than popular exchanges are able to provide, .