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Different types of betting

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Reverse Betting Reverse or If betting is one of the hardest wagers. They are the kind of bets that allow punters to choose multiple selections. But depending on the way you select your picks, the way things play changes a lot. For instance, you will be allowed to pick at least two wagers that are joint by one cause. With the kind of wagering, if the first pick happens to be wrong, then the subsequent wager will be off. Due to this reason, if bets have reduced risks making them safer compared with parlay wagers.

For reverse bets, punters are essentially integrating two if-bets to make it one. In the initial wager, the punter places an if-bet on both the first and second selections. In the second wager, the second selection will have an if-bet and then the first one follows. In other words, the reverse bets work in two ways. With this kind of sports betting, the punter is allowed to make several selections and place various wagers by combining multiple selections.

E-sports Betting The newest sports betting type in town. In a traditional sense, e-sport betting is not associated with any type of sports but electronic sports and video gaming. Since this type of betting is gaining immense popularity, various organizations have been developed particularly to operate e-sport gaming activities as well as governing the emerging sport.

Let it be sports, weather, political outcomes, or any other place where a chance is involved, you can see many people who love to bet for an outcome. Today, as technology improved the online betting in India has also changed to online betting India. Betting sites 24 is one of the best Indian betting sites. Multi Race Options Doubles A Daily Double requires you to pick the winners of two nominated races at the same race meeting. A Running Double requires you to pick the winners of any two consecutive races at the same race meeting.

Quaddie A Quaddie requires you to pick four winners from four nominated races. You need to nominate at least one selection in all four legs. You need to nominate at least one selection in all six legs. Parlay Formula A Parlay Formula is a bet which involves parlaying your winnings from one race into one or more other races. To parlay means to create a single bet that links together two or more individual bets and is dependent on all of those bets winning together.

You can expand your options by parlaying your bets over 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 races using a Formula Number, which means you do not have to be successful in every leg to be a winner. Available on Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and First 4. What is a Standout? A Standout is a single runner you pick to come in First place, and any of the other runners you select can fill the other places in any order.

What is a Multiple Bet? A multiple bet is where you pick more than one runner in each leg of the bet. What is a Roving Banker? The Roving Banker must finish in a place and any of your other selected runners must fill the remaining places in any order. Available on Exacta, Duet, Trifecta and First 4. What is Flexi Betting? Flexi betting allows you to nominate the total amount you would like to spend on your bet, so you can include as many selections as you like at an outlay that suits your budget.

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Flexi betting allows you to nominate the total amount you would like to spend on your bet, so you can include as many selections as you like at an outlay that suits your budget. If your bet is . AdBetMGM is your ticket for online sports betting odds around the clock. BetMGM offers endless online betting options for allService Catalog: Live Sports Betting, Sports Betting, Sportsbook, NBA Betting and more. Apr 19,  · Understand The 6 Different Types Of Betting Systems Before Playing 1. Matched Betting. Matched betting is a system where you bet both for and against the same event .